Safeguard Investigations

Safeguard measures may be considered as "emergency" actions against steeply increasing imports which have caused or threaten to cause serious injury to the importing Member's domestic industry.

In fact, safeguard measures are suspension of concessions or obligations which may be applied in the form of quantitative import restrictions (quotas) or of duty increases over bound rates of the importing country. Safeguard measures must be temporary which means that they must be liberalized over time.

Safeguard measures may only be imposed when imports are found to cause or threaten serious injury to a competing domestic industry. Safeguard measures are unlike the anti-dumping and countervailing measures since there is no "unfair" trade practice from the exporter side.

In trade policy investigations, Turkey classifies the countries in two groups as WTO members and other countries. While observing WTO rules for member countries, Turkish SG Authority is not bound by the principles of the Safeguard Agreement for non-members.

Turkey is a frequent user of safeguard measures among WTO members and as of October 2015 Turkey has 10 safeguard measures in force and 4 ongoing investigations. Thus, FTC is actively involved in safeguard investigations initiated by the Ministry of Turkey and has been defending the interests of the leading exporters from various countries like India, S. Korea, China, UAE, Pakistan. Please refer to the client list for some of our world known clients.